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37th Annual Christian Art Festival

  • Cross View Lutheran Church 66645 McCauley Trail West Edina, MN, 55439 United States (map)

My intaglio print Miriam was awarded Third Prize. Miriam is the elder sister of Moses and a prophetess, first mentioned in Exodus. To escape genocide, she led the Jews, women and children, singing and dancing across the Red Sea - this was the 1st time music was mentioned in the Bible. The name Miriam is also transliterated as Mariam or Maria (Wikipedia) or Mary. There are several Marys in the Bible, such as Mary the Mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, who was Jesus’ follower and was the first to discover the empty tomb and was a witness to his resurrection. My Miriam piece is intended to be a feminist statement, honoring the many nameless, invisible, everyday women who play a critical role in society and our personal lives.