Life's A Cabaret

The famous song says “What good is sitting alone in your room? Come hear the music play.” My intaglio print piece “Cabaret” is large for a print [Cabaret is meant to be exaggerated, bigger than life], filled with color, movement and energy. One side is dark and the other brightly colored, with reds, orange and yellow, and purple dot accents - representing both sides of life, the Ying/Yang or Happy/Sad symbols of theater. That’s what cabaret is for me, an intimate theatrical place located underground in the dark where people gather and forget their troubles for a period of time. You can “let go”.

There is a sadness and seediness to the entertainment and yet a life giving energy. Why sit alone in your room feeling lonely and isolated? Get out into the world, celebrate life, laugh, sing, enjoy the camaraderie of the cabaret. Re-energize and renew your spirit!